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Teacher Training

Teaching piano needs guidance and training just like learning to play piano. As a teacher's studio evolves from their first few students to gaining years of experience, it can be very helpful to have some guidance along the journey. 

I have been teaching for over 15 years and have had a many different of experiences ranging from teaching at several different music schools, travelling to students' houses, teaching from my home, and also teaching for an online student recruiter. I also have experience managing a music lesson centre of 14 teachers and over 400 students. 

Below are the services I offer for teachers.

1:1 Coaching

For teachers that would like to help about topics such as studio management, student challenges, curriculums, examinations, and more. Consultations available both online and in-person.

Piano Studio Startup

An online course for teachers who are starting up their own private studio. This course covers everything from building an online presence, creating your policies and procedures, advertising, through to teaching a first lesson.

RCM Piano Pedagogy

The Royal Conservatory of Music has 3 levels of pedagogy,  Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced, and offers examinations at all three levels. Private weekly lessons are recommended in order to cover the necessary materials to complete the certification.

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